Why is Seed Insufficient for your Bird

Wednesday, October 26, 2016  | The Pet Whisperer

Hi Coasties.

Seed is simply not enough. As with many aspects of pet ownership, we have seen many companies get in on the convenience factor and all bring to market seed and seed blends. All trying to outdo each other with marketing, pretty labels, and what seems to be convincing analysis info.

The truth is that seed is a very small part of a bird's diet. They need exposure to lots of other things to get the balance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that lead to better overall health - which for a bird means a longer life, less stress, more whistling, better colour, and fewer trips to the vet.

But how do we achieve that amongst busy lives?

I suggest looking at swapping the idea that "seed is all they need" to "crumble is all they need".

Crumble is what I recommend as the diet. These are suitable for all bird types (there are different crumbles for differing birds). Crumble offers the benefit of No Husk, so there is significantly less mess and no wastage (often good seed is thrown out with old husks).


Check the brand of which crumble you go for. There are some that are better than others. Ours is quality guaranteed and contain all the essential nutrients in a balanced formula.

Make changes to the birds diet slowly so that they get used to the new format and continue to eat whilst these changes are taking place.

Remember that our crumble is a complete diet so supplements and treats are not required. If you are wanting to treat your bird, then consider ones that have reduced sugar (many use a sugar binder to hold treats together), and choose one that has added nutrient elements.

Bottom line is folks, you could benefit your bird immensely by simply choosing to provide a balanced, complete diet via crumble. But, please select the right type and blend, and don't be led by the pretty label or marketing claims - get some good old fashioned advice.


The Pet Whisperer.