Essential Oils for Pets

Tuesday, May 16, 2017  | The Pet Whisperer
Essential Oils for Pets

Hi Folks.

I get asked about using about using Essential Oils to help with parasite treatment, prevention, removal and more. Usually, the enquiring party ask because they have seen something on social media or have been told something by a friend who swears by some action or other. Usually, the enquiring party and their source of info are often not educated in Essential Oils and their specific use on pets.

It would be an arduous task to list every essential oil and the risks, so this short article is more about the over-view of risks.

The biggest variable in all this is:

  • The Essential Oil quality varies from company to company and perhaps even batch to batch. Furthermore, the concentration and make up can vary.

Your pet:

  • is Significantly Smaller than you.
  • is Significantly More Sensitive to products than you.
  • has a very different metabolic system to you and therefore digests and removes foreign matter from the body differently.
  • May have a differing concentration requirement due to illness, disease, pregnancy and more.
  • May be a species that cannot tolerate some Oils whilst other species can - for example, Cats are a lot more sensitive than Dogs.

There are a number of easy to find recommendations to pet owners using products that can be lethal. Sometimes, those recommendations are for commercial gain, sometimes it is to generate fear and following, and other times it is just plain misguided information.

Acting on the assumption that it is good for you so must be good for the pet is dangerous. It could kill your pet. 

Please exercise extreme caution, look at concentration levels, and dilute for pets accordingly.

If in doubt, seek advice and input from a professional and act responsibly.

Do Not Use human grade concentration of any quality and distillation  on your pet. You may find that even 25% of that concentration is still toxic.

Please seek the advice of a vet to avoid serious complications.


The Pet Whisperer.