Shampoo And Conditioner And ...?

Monday, August 7, 2017  | The Pet Whisperer
Shampoo And Conditioner And ...?

Walking into any pet product retailer, you will be amazed at the array of Grooming substances that are available.

To make it simple, allow me to highlight the essentials you need to know.

Before washing, you should  brush through the coat with a comb  - not a slicker brush. Make sure there are no tangles and mats as they will be worse once wet. It is best to always brush the coat with a Brush Spray. These condition the coat and make it easier to comb - and they smell nice too. I'd go as far as to say, you should never brush a dry coat - especially if it has Poodle, Shihtzu, Lhasa Apso, Maltese or Bichon Frise coat types.

You should only wash a dog once every 4 - 6 weeks. Doing so more often can cause excess production of oils and odours - and cause the dog to smell more which encourage you to wash more .. and the cycle is hard to stop. Use high quality products that help extend this time, and perhaps use a cologne to cover some smells for a few days.

Do NOT use a bath that has been used by a previous pet without it being fully flushed. Bacteria lives on skin, and it does not make sense to wash your pet in the cycling water that is full of bacteria from another pet! This is true for  some  DIY systems and Mobile Groomers. Insist on fresh water.

The water for bathing should be luke warm.

ALL products used on a pet should be pH balanced for pets (Human products are  different ), they should be petroleum derivative free, paraben free and sulphate free.

For Puppies and Dogs with Sensitive Skin; you should use a hypo-allergenic formula that contains a pH balance and one that is free of harsh cleansing agents. Quite often puppy formula may not say so on the front - so don't be afraid to pick it up and have a read of the label.

For Dry, Flaky, Damaged Skin and Poor Coat Condition; you should use an oatmeal shampoo wash. These are generally fortified with elements that nourish from the outside in.

For Average Adult Dogs; use a standard adult shampoo - ideally one that has extra deodorising to help extend the time between washes.

There may be others available that could be more specific to address certain issues your pet has.

I do not recommend the use of any products that have Tea Tree oil. Tea Tree oil contains Terpenes which are highly toxic. It could lead to accidental toxicity. Many of the products that have Tea Tree oil also have high stripping agents that remove too much from the skin and coat leading to a poor quality skin and coat.

After using a shampoo - it is vital to thoroughly wash it from the skin. To leave it on, can cause an irritation.

Once you have washed the shampoo away, you should  use a Conditioner. These restore lustre, quality, shine, follicle strength, and prevent breakage. They also make it easier for you to brush your pet. Some conditioners can be used between baths, and some do not need to be washed off the coat.

On a final note - Medicated shampoo should only be used under the guidance of a educated professional. Their incorrect use can lead to further issues and could complicate the process to repair.

The Pet Whisperer.