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Care Info For Your Guinea Pig

Please read the following carefully as it contains important information about the care required for your Guinea Pig. Please also refer to our Legal Page, and for any further information, assistance or advice, please contact one of our stores.

Guinea Pigs are a great small pet for teaching responsibility to children as well as entertaining the adults who are children at heart.  These are natures cute lawnmowers.

We recommend a timber and wire hutch or a good sized plastic and wire cage for housing Guinea Pigs.  In this home, you should have a variety of floor cover and bedding such as Straw, Hemp, some specific cat litters, wood shavings (messy in long coated pets) or edible hays such as Meadow Hay and Oaten Hay.  The home should contain everything that the Guinea Pigs are likely to need including toys as well as the necessary food and water containers.  Many Guinea Pig have an indoor and an outdoor hutch to keep them used to the personal touch and in better weather conditions. Indoor hutches are great on very wet, hot or very cold days; outdoor hutches are great to get the pets onto edible grasses.  To prevent the hutch or your house being nibbled on, use a small animal safe bitters product to make the area taste unappealing.

For the food, we recommend a ceramic bowl as they will not chew it and it is hard to knock over.  A plastic drink feeder can be hung on the outside of the cage and are much cleaner than a bowl on the inside of the cage.  Guinea pigs instinctively know how to use the water feeders.

Cage cleaner is highly recommended to remove the odours and to aid cleaning, and won't harm the guinea pigs - unlike some generic cleaning products.  Mite and Lice spray can be used to lower the risk of lice and mites on your guinea pig(s).  All animals are susceptible to worms and thus a three monthly treatment of small animal wormer which will keep your guinea pig free of round worm is recommended.


We have available a small animal shampoo so that you can bath and clean your pet, but please do not do this on a cold day, nor use very cold water. On a hot day, don't use water that is too cold as Thermal shock can cause serious issues.

Guinea pigs are grazers and our Rabbit and Guinea Pig Mix food given daily in conjunction with small amounts of most vegetables, fruits and grasses will be a great diet. Foods to avoid include cabbage, Iceberg lettuce, rhubarb, beans, green potato, or diary products.  Lucerne is not recommended as a food source as it is too high in Carbohydrates. Lucerne is not recommended as a food source as it is too high in Carbohydrates.  A varied and rotated diet is essential to keep the digestive system working properly.  The food ratio for a Guinea Pig is:


A Salt Lick Stone is essential as salt cannot be retained in the bodies of Guinea Pigs, so a salt lick will provide the needed salt as well as prevent overgrown teeth.  Wood chews also promote healthy, clean teeth and are necessary to wear them down. Juvenile Guinea Pigs will also need a supplement to prevent metabolic bone disorder (MBD). We recommend high content Vitamin-C veggies as a regular part of their diet - it is essential to avoid complications such as MBD or Scurvy.

Remember to hold them regularly to get them used to it. And for the ultimate care, brush them regularly. If their nails are too sharp, small animal nail scissors are available.

Guinea Pig

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