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Care Info For Your Rat

Please read the following carefully as it contains important information about the care required for your Rat. Please also refer to our Legal Page, and for any further information, assistance or advice, please contact one of our stores.

Rats are a great small pet for teaching responsibility to children as well as entertaining the adults who are children at heart.  Rats are a lot more interactive compared to mice and can be trained.  In most cases, they are less smelly and have good manners.

We recommend, for a home, a wire cage with a plastic base that has lots of vertical movement for climbing and exercise.  In this home, you should have a floor substrate that cannot be converted into dust easily - this is extremely important since dust can lead to respiratory infections.  We highly recommend Eco Litter which is made from recycled butchers paper and contains no ink (very important).  A small amount of wood shavings can be used in the bedding area if changed often - also consider some of the bird nesting material that we have on offer.  The home should contain everything that rats are likely to need including a rat wheel and toys as well as the necessary food and water containers.  Rats are social and intelligent animals and get bored easily, so toys and fun things are essential. We have a great range of Natural Wood toys suitable for rats too.

For the food, we recommend a ceramic bowl as they will not chew it and it is hard to knock over.  A plastic drink feeder can be hung on the outside of the cage and are much cleaner than a bowl on the inside of the cage.  Rats instinctively know how to use the water feeders.

Our cage cleaner is highly recommended to remove the odours, reduce bacteria,  and to aid cleaning, and won't harm the rats - unlike some generic cleaning products. 

Mite and Lice spray is used routinely to keep your rats free from some common parasites.  When using this product, ensure it does not get sprayed onto their food.

All animals are susceptible to worms and thus a treatment every 3 months of small animal wormer will keep your rat free of round worm.  Although rats do not need a salt lick, they can benefit now and again from a small animal mineral treat or perhaps even a bird vitamin and mineral treat. 

Our Rat and Mouse Cubes given daily in conjunction with Rat and Mouse Mix along with small amounts of most vegetables, fruits and grasses will be a great diet.  Rats, being omnivores, can also benefit from a very small piece of lean meat now and then - basically, the healthy foods you eat would be enjoyed by your rat.  Wood chews also promote healthy, clean teeth.  Rats should not eat cheese - and definitely no blue cheese.  Other foods to avoid include Avocados, raw sweet potato, cabbage, raw beans, caffeine, carbonated drinks, green potato skins, and for male rats: orange juice and oranges are to be avoided as these can make your rat sick.

Remember to hold them regularly to get them used to it.

We aim at giving specialist advice backed by quality products and courteous service.

We believe that this will give you the best chance at having the kind of pet you will enjoy. 

We would be grateful if you keep us informed of your new family members progress and we will do our best to assist you in any way we can.

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