Characteristics of the Feline Kind

Which type of cat is for me? Choose the pet that suits YOU!

This "Feline-ality" document is helpful and a bit of fun too. It may help to see the sort of traits you find in your feline-friend, and may help you understand the kind of cat they naturally are. This is difficult to do with kittens as they are still developing their personality.


The Nine Different "Feline-Ality" Cat Personality Types As Described By ASPCA. See which one describes your pet, or which kind of personality type you would like to have as a pet.

You can use the personality types to "psychoanalyse" your own cat, have a little fun, and understand your cat better - BUT don't take the results of your untrained analysis too seriously. See which "personality" best matches your cat, but keep your eyes open in case you need to change your view!

These personality types might also partly explain why different cats don't always live together happily.

If you are going to take a cat into your home, take a look at a rescue cat and see if their personality is right for you. Our Rescue Cats have descriptions of character which relate to these types.


Research shows that a quality and lifelong relationship with your pet is often a result of a good "match" between your own personality (or your "family culture") and that of your pet. Cats kept indoors make better pets, and you will see their personality better as well.


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The Private Investigator

"Working Undercover" to keep an eye on the household the investigator may vanish into thin air if his investigation is interfered with. He knows how to stay out of trouble and will always keep your secrets.

The Secret Admirer

A level headed type that doesn't leap into relationships "paws first" and he may take a while to learn that you are his best friend. Given a little time, you will be showered with purrs, head butts and lots of lap time.

The Love Bug

This quite cat loves personal attention, patting, kneading your lap and lots of purrs - a cat that enjoys quiet time and togetherness.

The Executive

This little cat is always busy - checking out the window, doors, wardrobes and being on time for naps. He will fit a little socialising into his busy schedule - perhaps meet you for lunch or dinner? 

The Sidekick

This "companion cat" loves his attention and loves his "alone time" as well. He is a calm little guy, a steady companion, not looking for trouble but not a scaredy-cat either. 

The Personal Assistant

This little friend will help you with your chores - press the keys on the computer keyboard, turn the pages of your book, sit on your lap to watch TV and help you relax with you're done.

Most Valuable Pussycat

This savvy cat is unflappable and can entertain himself, but a nice human companion and a good scratch behind the ears will just make his day.

The Party Animal

This cat is on a mission: PARTY! Testing the limits, playing and exploring, this cat can make a toy out of just about anything, will give you some laughs and liven up the day.

Leader of the Band

This cat does everything in a big way and is brimming with confidence - adventurous, affectionate, demonstative and likes to be in the middle of things.


Where's the Science?

It's based around three key criteria related to each individual cat's:

- enjoyment of being petted and held

- playfulness "talkativeness" and activity level

- responses to new people and things.




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References: Feline-ality: searched 21/4/13 Many thanks to Dan from The Pet House for the inspiration behind this client information sheet; and NSW Animal Rescue, Bajimbi Cattery and Annette Thomas for allowing us to share their beautiful photos of their lovely cats.

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