Choosing Between a Male or Female Cat

Male or female cat? Choose the pet that suits YOU!


There's a lot of myths about whether male or female cats make the best pets! Let's see which are true!

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#1: Male Cats Wander

FALSE! Male dogs only wander looking for a girlfriend if they are not desexed. Female cats will also wander if they are not desexed as they look for a boyfriend. Desexed pets both male and female make better pets. ANY cat will wander to hunt - which is why cats should be kept indoors 100% of the time.

#2: Female Cats Make Better Pets FALSE!

It's the 'fit' between pet and family that matters that's not dependant on gender. Science suggests there are 9 different cat personality types("Feline-ality") and gender isn't one of them, so you can buy a cat that perfectly fits your family, but this testing can't be done until cats are 6 months old. You can also socialise your cat before 10 weeks of age to be 'used to' leash walking, baths, brushing and other enjoyable things.

#3: Male Cats Don't Cuddle Up Like Females Do FALSE!

Most cats like to cuddle up! Anecdotally we hear reports that male cats like to cuddle up more with their female owners (and female cats with their male owners), but there is no real science on this and let's face it, where there is a warm place to snuggle, most cats will be there! BUT there are differences between cat "Feline-alities" in the snuggle department, regardless of gender.

#4: Male Cats Have Special Nutritional Needs PARTLY TRUE.

The ingredients in the diet aren't different for male and female cats (unless the female is pregnant or lactating) but the TYPE of diet is. Male cats should not have an 'all dry food' diet because they dehydrate a little and can get mineral crystals blocking their urinary tract, but that's probably good advice for females as well.

#5: It's Easier To Desex Males TRUE!

You will generally pay less to desex a male vs a female, because females need full abdominal surgery.

#6: Male Cats Fight More FALSE!

In desexed cats, it's about territory regardless of gender. Females can have territory too! There will be almost fighting if your cat is kept indoors 100% of the time, which is the safest way to give all cats the longest, healthiest life. When a household has more than one cat, you often see 'spats' - little fights over the things cats living together grumble about (again, gender doesn't matter), but rarely serious fighting and it's not gender based.

#7: Male Cats Spray YES, BUT!

Male cats spray to mark territory(usually outdoors), so cats kept 100% indoors usually don't spray unless something is happening that makes them feel their territory is threatened. BUT females will also spray to mark territory, so males don't have all the fun on this one.

#8: Male Cats are More Playful FALSE!

It about "Feline-ality" not about gender. Some cats are playful, others cuddly, some in between.


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