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Ethical Issues Puppy & Kitten Mills

Firstly, please allow us to point out some facts:
  • Pet stores account for less than 10% of dogs and cats purchased in Australia. The rest are from the Internet and Classifieds - i.e., unregulated sources.
  • We source from ethical breeders and we have our own rehoming policy.
  • All our breeders are exposed to regulating authorities (RSPCA, AWL, DPI) and are validated quality breeders.
  • We are governed by Fair Trading NSW and ACCC - unlike nearly all breeders, so customers have State protection and remedies transacting with The Pet House.
  • Activist groups make big claims about pet euthanasia numbers, when no accurate national figures are collected and local figures can include other data.
  • Activists have "linked" high pet euthanasia rates with pet shop pets, when there is no evidence that this link exists.
  • Euthanasia rates are falling with the RSPCA (link to published statistics here)


We work to standards set by the Department of Primary Industry which regulate our business. We can be and are inspected randomly and routinely by the RSPCA and/or Animal Welfare League Rangers. On top of that regulation, there is legislation in each state governing business.

We operate under the ACCC (Ph:1300302502   or visit them at www.accc.gov.au) and Fair Trading NSW legislation (Ph: 133230 or visit them at www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au).

You can buy and deal with us with confidence!!!!!!

If you find a sub-standard breeder or are concerned about welfare of an animal, then please report it to the authorities that can act on the pets behalf. Social Media is not trolled by the Rangers, so the cries for help won't be heard. Click here for a Blog article on this matter.

If you come across bad breeding practices or an incidence of poor animal husbandry, cruelty,
substandard conditions, etc, then please get in touch with your local council, RSPCA in your state or the Animal Welfare League in your state using the links below